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KOR Food Innovation is a full-service culinary and marketing agency that focuses solely on the food and beverage industry. Comprised of multi-talented, seasoned professionals, our passion for food translates effortlessly onto the plate and across all design platforms. With an emphasis on quality, creativity, knowledge and collaboration, we work diligently to deliver innovation and marketing solutions that meet the needs of consumers, while also keeping your bottom line in mind.

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KOR Facilities

Our state of the art kitchen comes fully equipped to recreate any environment needed, and can act as both a test kitchen or a video production studio. Click to see more >>

The Ayurvedic Diet

If a one-size-fits-all diet hasn’t worked for you, maybe you should take a lesson from Ancient India — eat for your body type! Click to read more >>

Food Styling Gallery

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Casual Dining

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Tazza Kitchen Gallery

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Elby's Cocktail Recipes

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Beetroot Juice

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